eHost Hosting Provider Review - Features, Plans, Pros & Cons

With their long history that dates back all the way to 1998, eHost allowed millions of happy customers to get noticed in the crowded see of web pages. This Houston-based company is known for their affordable web hosting solutions that strive for simplicity over complexity. Their recent redesign helped the company to get noticed by a brand new generation of potential users. If you see the appeal of being able to get online in just a few minutes and for just a few dollars each month, then eHost might be the right web hosting provider for you. Our in-depth review will tell you absolutely everything you need to know about them before you sign up. Of course, you should also take a look at other web hosting provider and use our FAQ page to develop a good understanding of your own needs. Here's our eHost review! - Best Hosting Options


Right off the bat, you should know that eHost offers only shared hosting plans. That means that your website uses the same resources to power it as websites of other customers. This allows eHost to make their hosting plans ridiculously cheap, but it also means that you won’t be able to achieve as good performance as you could with a dedicated hosting. How much this matters is something that all customers need to decide for themselves. If you are curious, you can skip ahead and read the “Performance” section of this review to find out more. The backbone of eHost is the powerful and widely used control panel called cPanel. Experienced users will probably already be familiar with cPanel from many other web hosting providers. Beginners will find it very easy to use and will quickly be able to use it to fully control their account, manage domains, and install custom scripts. Speaking of installation, the Quick Install tool enables automatic installation of popular CMS software with just a click of a button. It supports WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento, phpBB, B2Evolution, PrestaShop, ZenCard, Moodle, MediaWiki, Typo 3, Sugar CRM, and many many others. You can probably imagine how much time you can save when you don’t have to complete a lengthy installation procedure and can let the tool do everything for you. The included Marketing suit will help you attract more visitors, achieve better sales, and rank high in all major search engines. eHost say that it’s worth $300, and we have no reason not to believe them. Their integrated e-commerce platform leverages their excellent website builder (more on that later) and starts at 10.45/month for up to 25 products. All plans are protected by a state-of-the-art security suite and each new hosting plan includes 100 Google Adwords credits and even $100 worth of Yahoo/Bing credit.

Website Builder

Most major web hosting providers have incorporated website builder as an integral part of their services. Fortunately, eHost is no exception. Their website builder is intuitive, allowing even complete novices to create high-quality web pages without any prior knowledge of programming, web development, or even design. All it takes to make a stunning website is to select one of more than 1000 available templates, customize it using the easy-to-understand interface, and fill the page with content. Beginners can save hundreds and thousands of dollars that would otherwise need to be spent on web development.


Because eHost targets mostly smaller customers, their bandwidth and storage can be virtually unlimited. Of course, restriction can be placed on users who abuse the system, but anyone else who falls within the “normal range” can enjoy a problem-free hosting experience. Independent testing confirms that uptime stays safely above 99.5%, which is our benchmark of web hosting reliability. A great news is that both static and WordPress-powered websites achieve very good response time of around 200 ms. Additionally, users get to enjoy unlimited email accounts with customizable spam filters and email forwarding.


The first thing you notice when you visit the homepage of eHost is a huge banner informing you that you can sign up for just $2.75 per month. Not only is the price ridiculously low, but it also includes a domain name, unlimited email, website builder, and a unlimited number of MySQL databases. The caveat is that the price jumps up to $5.98 per month for a three-year term, $7.98 per month for a two-year term, or $9.98 per month for a one-year term. However, the free domain remains free forever. So many web hosting providers will lure you in with a promise of free domain only to charge you with high prices when the initial period ends. Couple that with eHost’s 45-day money back guarantee, and you have a hosting provider that you can trust.

Customer Support

The support center gives customers 4 separate options how to get help: they can search the extensive knowledge database, chat with online support, make a phone call, and use email for less urgent problems. The customer support can be reach throughout the day, and you never have to worry about being put on hold while you want in the line.


- Free domain name
- Low prices
- Integrated website builder and marketing tools
- Money-back guarantee
- Simple online store or blog setup
- Free ad credits


- No dedicated hosting option


eHost is a web hosting provider who clearly knows its target customers: small business owners and individual users. Their great set of tools will help you create a wonderful website, customize it to your liking, and place it online for the whole world to see. You just have to keep in mind that, unlike many other web hosting providers, eHost won’t be able to grow with you indefinitely. If you happen to reach a certain level of success and daily traffic, you will be forced to migrate elsewhere.

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